buffy meme [i/iii] locations

Everybody get out of my room!

buffy meme  [i/v] characters

After about the fiftieth, killing slayers just becomes a chore.

buffy meme [i/ii] deaths 

You don’t have to remember me. You don’t even know who I am. But I do.

buffy meme [/vii] quotes

Summers, you drive like a spaz!
And that phrase stood the test of time?

buffy meme [i/iv] relationships

Your foreplay could use some work.

buffy meme [i/vii] quotes

My name is Dawn.
That doesn’t sound anything like me.
I am a teenage girl.
Then why do you have a tail? 
I cry a lot.
That’s not true!
I often let boys take advantage of my weak emotional states. 
No I do not!

buffy meme [i/iii] locations

buffy meme [i/vii] quotes

Oh!  If we go through a time loop and this all happens again I’m gonna say, “If things get dicey, I’ll do the dicing.”
Ah, esprit d’escolier.
Willow! What’s happening? I can’t understand you! It’s getting inside us!


I decided I wanted to make a somewhat manageable and time flexible meme to do, with a focus on some of what BtVS does best. I’d love it if other people decided to try any/all of it as well, so feel free to reblog or simply give it a go!

Buffy Meme! 

6 Episodes
5 Characters
4 Relationships
3 Locations
2 Deaths
1 Slayer


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