"Look, I know everybody thinks you’re a useless bint that ruined everything right now – but I know the truth. You were faced with decisions no one has to make. Attacked – controlled – by forces no one comprehends. And you pulled your people through. So, honestly? Fuck anybody who thinks they could’ve done better. The world was on fire. The world is always on fucking fire and you’re always right in the thick of it and the only difference this time is that people actually noticed. So they judge. And they carp, and debate – but put the scythe in their hands and they’d shake like a trifle on a train." Spike, Last Gleaming

buffy meme [iv/vi] issues

But every girl adores her father. So I decided to be like you.

daddy issues part ii

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Cover for Buffy Season 10 #11

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buffy meme [iii/iv] relationships

How do you imagine I felt, when you said you were thinking of us two running off together? Come with me now.


buffy season 9 covers

scullysummers replied to your post “Why do/did you ship kohffy?”

omg is faith stealing another one of buffy’s boyfriends I WAS NOT INFORMED

lmao i wish!! but nah shes out in the jungle somewhere and hes in london; most likely when she gets back from this trip and reunites with angel they’ll help koh find his imprisoner?? but who rly knows isn’t he also looking for illyria?? idk