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Can you put together a good few of faith quotes from comics, i can't read them and it kills me:(

uhhhh i’m really sorry but i can’t figure out a good way to do that…  you can always check out my faith tag it has some scenes with quotes by her in it or check out this there’s a section or two for her time in the comics with quotes

WANTED: Seasons 8, 9 and 10 fanfics


- A calling for suggestions for fanfics based on the comics -

Any size, rate, pairing, kind; can conflict with subsequent stories, be little headcanons, simply contain one of the new characters or contexts… Not only because I’m in need for new readings, but I could share an ongoing list with recommendations, I think it would be interesting to maintain.

So, do you have any?

ha so apparently all the comics fic i’ve ever read/liked has been by the same two authors:

embers // for grace // and untitled by coalitiongirl

for want of a back porch // hers // hey there, blondie bear // intervention // picture perfect by gryfndor_godess 

buffy meme [vii/vii] quotes

I hear things about you. That you’re friends with her. Buffy. Or that you tried to kill her. I don’t know what’s true.
It’s complicated.

scullysummers replied to your photoset “”I think what’s in here might convince you to stick around. I don’t…”

IS RILEY IN ANF NOW (is that samantha written under it? are sam and faith going to be hanging out together??)

looks like the riley thing is gonna be issue #6: “Faith’s next mission for Deepscan is one she can’t resist—tracking the missing Riley Finn in South America. The girl has got some residual guilt over that military demon hunter...” and it does look like it says samantha so hopefully?!!!

—I think what’s in here might convince you to stick around.

I don’t see what could— Oh. Yeah. You got my attention now.